Stand Up Straight!

Your mom probably badgered you about it, and the voice in your head still makes you snap your shoulders back and suck in your gut. But believe it or not, there are benefits to posture beyond not upsetting your mom. And Pilates is the perfect guide!

As I always say, awareness is the first step in the battle, and fortunately Pilates helps us with exactly that. When we are conscious of how we are sitting, standing, and using our body, we are more likely to use it well. After all, how many of us have sat for hours at the computer only to find when we’re done we’re slouching, slumped, round shouldered and achy everywhere?

“But it’s hard!” I hear you say. “Sitting and standing up straight is a lot of work.” So true, but Pilates is there for you again. Every single Pilates exercise has posture built right in. How lucky is that! By strengthening the muscles that support our spine and organs, we take the stress off the structure. And while it’s tiring work at first, with regular practice and regular Pilates, we can gain back the height gravity and poor posture steal from us.

For the visually inclined (we all are, right?) I have included a marvelous info graphic from Richmond Remedial showing you all the pros and cons of standing up straight and tall.