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Kim Haroche Master workshops

Join us October 12 – 14 for two amazing workshops by a second generation master teacher

We at Centerspace are excited to offer an exclusive opportunity to our fellow Pilates professionals and enthusiasts – two workshops with Kim Haroche! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from the best – and CEC’s are offered of course!


Kim Haroche

Kim is a second generation, Master Pilates Teacher.  She began her exploration of Pilates in her late teens under the loving and firm hands of Kathy Grant who invited Kim to be her assistant and substitute and trained her in the art of teaching the method. Kim has been teaching Pilates since 1979 – her teaching credits include Kathy Grant’s Gym at Henri Bendels in New York City and The Pilates Center in Boulder where she was on staff as a Senior Teacher, Presenter and Tester of The Pilates Center Training Program and Masters Program.

Kim now guest teaches at different studios and offers workshops internationally. She maintains a private practice in Boulder combining biodynamic cranial sacral therapy, trauma therapy, nervous system regulation, body centered psychotherapy and Pilates. She uses each discipline as a gateway to the next and a portal to self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Kim has spent much of her life following her heart and intuition, which has taken her to various corners of the world to live, learn, teach and appreciate.  Amongst her many credits in different fields and a wide array of studies, Kim has found that the most successful means to learning and teaching is through genuine heart connections and loving kindness.


Friday, October 12th

Kim is available for lessons and classes!

11 am – Private or duet

12 pm – Reformer class

2 pm – Private or duet

3 pm – Springs (Pole Unit) Class

4 pm – Private or duet


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Private – $125

Duet – $75 per person

Class – $50 per person


Saturday, October 13th

“The Magic of Springs”

12 pm – 7 pm ( includes one hour break)

In this workshop we will explore a forgotten aspect of Pilates – the proper use of springs. We will discover how a true relationship with the springs will bring about core strength and freedom from extraneous tension.

Too often we struggle against the equipment, the challenge of the exercise and our own habitual patterns. We will look at how the improper use of springs serves to hinder us, impede the flow of the exercise and at times can even distort our relationship to the work and to our clients.

Through proper relationship with the springs, we will discover how to effortlessly bring forth the exercise, connect immediately into core, correct imbalances including scoliosis, and further reflect and support intrinsic health.

This deepens our relationship to Pilates and can have far reaching effects on our relationships with ourselves and our world.

During her time as Kathy Grant’s assistant, Kathy directly transmitted these forgotten teachings to Kim and has asked Kim to carry this work forth so that it not be lost.


Sunday, October 14th

“Exploring the earlier work of Kathy Grant”

9 am – 4 pm (includes one hour break)

Join Kim as she brings to life different aspects of Kathy Grant’s Pilates work by sharing stories, knowledge and exercises passed onto to her during her time working for Kathy.

As Kathy’s assistant, Kim had a particular relationship with this great Master Teacher and holds an aspect of this amazingly large body of work that Kathy left behind. Having studied with and assisted Kathy, Kim experienced Kathy’s work in a unique way.

Kim will present exercises based on her particular time with Kathy at the Henri Bendel’s Gym – these will include the warm-ups from that era and some of the particular rehab exercises. She will demonstrate how adaptable this work is and how the work relates to both rehabilitation and to the classical Pilates method.



Both workshops – $450 

(Early bird special – $400 if purchased before September 1)

One day – $250

Sign up online to reserve your spot!



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