Nancy’s 2015 Retreats



Mexico and Costa Rica are calling! Join me for a warm week that will open you heart, body, mind and spirit. Relax, renew and rejuvenate … A winter getaway with purpose. Our day will begin with a meditation on the beach and Pranayama, the energy force of the breath.  We will broadening and deepening our Pilates and Yoga practice with daily classes, nourish our body with great healthy meals, community, sun, sand and surf. Did I mention fun!   There will be plenty of time for long beach walks, day excursions and just plan hanging out reading a book.   Here’s what people are saying about my retreats:

“Sign me up for next year!” Nancy (guest) 2014

“Amansala is a magical place.” Claire (teacher) 2014

“What’s not to love!” Nancy (fearless leader) 2009-15

“I have never, ever been so relaxed in my entire life!” Julie (guest) 2011 & 2014

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Amansala ChicaSlide Show Ruins 2

One of the BEST yoga retreats in the world!

January 11 – 17, 2015

This will be my fourth retreat to Tulum, my favorite place to escape Minnesota winters. We will spend our days restoring our levels of vitamin D and warming our bodies and souls in the sunshine of the Yucatan Peninsula. You can be as active as you like each day, choosing from a variety of classes and activities. Plenty of opportunity for day trips to explore the Mayan history everywhere in this area. Want to learn how to wind surf? Walk down the beach and take a lesson. It’s summer camp for adults in the middle of winter! I look forward to sharing Amansala, this beautiful location, amazing resort and a very special week with you!

Price List: (Includes gratuity & 13% Mexican tax)

Single Shared (per person)
Super Beachfront toes in the sand Deluxe Private $2750 $2100
Private Semi-sea view $2500 $1900
Double Semi-sea view $1750
Triple Semi- sea view $1650
Non-beachfront shared $1400 -1800
What’s Included What’s Not Included
Three healthy, beautiful meals a day Airfare
Two classes most days  and workshops Transfer to and from Cancun airport
Accommodations (shared unless stated) Spa treatments
Surf board rental
Day trips
Trip insurance (recommended)

 Please contact to arrange payment.



    Costa RicaBeachfrontyoga



March  14 – 21  2015 


 I have always dreamed of going to Costa Rica and I finally decided after last winter “if not now, when?” My friend Kevin and his wife own the Peace Retreat and many of my yogi friends have used it as their go to retreat center.  Our day will begin with meditation and Pranayama the energy force of our breath.  We will fine tune our Pilates and Yoga practice with classes daily.  You will have an opportunity to create a vision for your week and for your life with a vision and goal setting workshop called IGOLU.  Get ready to create something new in your life!    You can be as active as you like each day choosing from a variety of classes and activities.  Opt in for a day trip to a remote volcano, zip line and more!   There will be surfboards for rent on the beach and a coach for lessons OR just curl up with a book.  You create the day that’s right for you.

 NEW REDUCED Price List: (per person)

Shared Room $1350  (stay the second week for $900)

Private Room $1700  (stay the second week for $1000)

Payment in full is due on or before 12/10/14


What’s Included What’s Not Included
Transfer to and from Liberia Airport Airfare
Breakfast and dinner daily Lunch
All classes Spa treatments
Accommodations (shared unless stated) Surf board rental and day trips
Day trips
Trip insurance (recommended)


 Please contact to arrange payment.

The New Spring Schedule

The changing seasons means it’s time to look at the class schedule and optimize! The longer days and warmer temps means people may be looking for different options, and we’re happy to provide! And don’t be shy – give us some feedback! If you’re looking for a class and not seeing it let us know and we may be able to get one started for you!

This schedule will be effective as of Sunday, March 23, 2014 

Please sign up online to reserve your place in class! Spots are limited!


6 am Pilates Barrel All Level Marcia
9 am Springs All Level Marcia
5:30 pm Springs All Level Heather
6:30 pm Barre All Level Nancy



* 6 am Restorative All Level Carrie
* 9:30 am Chair All Level Carrie
4:30 pm Reformer Advanced Nancy
6 pm Mat Beginner Marcia
7:15 pm Yoga All Level Bianca

* These classes will begin 4/1



6:15 am Springs Advanced Jenn
9 am Pilates Barrel All Level Marcia
6 pm Mat Flow All Level Jill
7 pm Reformer/Chair Intermediate Jill



9:30 am Reformer Intermediate Heather
6 pm Equipment 101 Beginner Marcia



6 am Mat Flow All Level Carrie
9 am Springs/Chair All Level Nancy



8 am Mat Intermediate Jill
8 am Reformer Intermediate Nancy
9 am Mat Advanced Marcia
10 am Barre All Level Nancy
11 am Mat Beginner Marcia



11 am Yoga All Level Bianca

Spring means new springs!

Happy spring! It’s right around the corner, isn’t it?

springsI should say springs! While we wait patiently for Spring, we are excited to have new springs for the equipment at Centerspace! After years of loyal service, our ‘old’ springs are just plain tired. So we thought you might be interested in a little tutorial about what to expect from your new springs.


Deborah Lessen is a renowned Pilates instructor and creates her own Pilates equipment for use in her studio! So needless to say, she’s very serious about how the equipment should perform. This is what she has to say about springs:

Extension springs are wound to oppose extension. So how tightly the spring is coiled is critical. Extension springs absorb and store energy as well as create resistance to a pulling force.

The initial tension of the spring is very important. The user should always feel the initial tension when beginning a movement. This is the moment that tests the body’s muscle coordination, full body organization and strength. After initial tension, the resistance should decrease evenly as the spring is extended, allowing the user’s joints to ‘breathe’ when fully extended.

Spring resistance should be suitable to necessitate dynamic stabilization, an underlying concept of Pilates exercise. The spring should feel smooth during movement, quiet, give the feel of circular motion and mimic breathing.  Like muscles, springs should be effective both concentrically and eccentrically. In other words, they should provide resistance as you extend them and pull back in so that your muscles have to control the return movement, the muscles’ eccentric contraction, which is dominant in Pilates training. Springs should give accurate feedback regarding which muscles are working and how much effort is being exerted.


And our teacher and mentor, Amy Taylor Alpers, had this to say about the relationship of springs to the Pilates experience:

Ideally, the springs in Pilates exercises should offer both resistance and support, much like a bird uses air to fly, or a fish uses water to swim. Because this relationship can be quite subtle it is very easy and common to either overpower the spring, or conversely, let the spring overpower you, or to just simply hang off it. One of the really valuable and unique aspects of the newly rediscovered “archival” exercises is that they truly help you understand this relationship; they teach you how to connect to the spring most effectively – to find the freedom that comes with relinquishing a certain level of control to the spring, and then to move with more flow and speed to create deep length, strength and integration in the tissue. This is how Pilates achieves its ultimate goal – uniform development so you can breathe more powerfully and circulate all that oxygen everywhere – the “internal shower”.