Pilates Curious

WHEN: Thursday, February 12th  7 pm
WHERE: Centerspace Pilates
Maybe you’ve never done Pilates before. Or maybe you’ve been doing one type or apparatus. No matter what your background, there’s probably something in the huge Pilates repertoire you’ve never experienced. Are you Pilates curious? Come check it out!
Ever walked by and wondered what we do in here? We know it looks a little intimidating, all the equipment that looks a bit like a torture chamber. Never fear we are a really warm and approachable group of teachers that want to make your life better! Better means this to us…….

  • Easier to get up off the floor when playing with your kids or grandchildren.
  • The ability to run up the stairs and easily go down the stairs.
  • Ice on the sidewalk? No problem! You will be able to catch yourself more easily.
  • Improved balance…… something that without practice will diminished as we age.
  • Improved posture. we are not your mother telling you to pull your shoulders back! We will teach you how to self check and stay on course.
  • Work at a desk? We will show you how to create a workspace that supports go posture and helps to prevent that achey breakie upper and lower back pain.
  • Sore feet? We can help you with that too! Your feet are the window to alignment and total body health.

You can fulfill your “curiosity” about what we do here at Centerspace by walking in for a tour and a hand shake.

Fall Schedule



Summer vacation is over, the kids are back to school, and the days are getting shorter. It’s time for the fall schedule to start!

Be sure to check online to make sure all is running normally and sign up for class while you’re there! The day’s classes are on the front page of the website, so it couldn’t be easier!

We are always interested in your ideas, so if you have a class or time in mind that isn’t on the schedule, let us know! If we can find a handful of like-minded folks, we’ll start a class!



6 am Pilates Barrel All Level Marcia
9 am Springs All Level Marcia
5:30 pm Springs All Level Heather
6:30 pm Barre All Level Nancy


9 am Full Equipment Beg/Int Amy
6 pm Pilates Mat 101 Beginner Marcia
7:15 pm Vinyasa Yoga All Level Bianca


6 am Springs/Chair All Level Carrie
9 am Pilates Barrel All Level Marcia
5:30 pm All Level Mat All Level Jill


9:30 am Reformer 2 Beg/Int Heather


6 am Pilates Barrel All Level Carrie
9 am Springs/Chair All Level Nancy


8 am Full Studio Beg/Int Jill
9 am Foam Roller All Level Marcia
9:15 am Advanced Mat Advanced Marcia
10 am Barre All Level Nancy
11 am Pilates Mat 101 Beginner Marcia


Centerspace goes to the theater!

You may know that Marcia, Pilates educator and studio manager by day, actually has an alter ego! When she’s not bending people in the name of Joe she is the artistic co-director of Urban Samurai Productions, a small non profit theater company. And the newest play – ‘night, Mother – opens this Friday, August 15!

To show our support, we’re inviting Centerspace students to opening night! So this Friday, 8 pm at the New Century Theatre in downtown Minneapolis, we’re gathering to cheer on the Pilates ninja!

‘night, Mother
by Marsha Norman
Directed by Matt Greseth
Starring Tina Sigel and Marcia Svaleson

Look around you. Can you REALLY know what’s going on in another person’s mind? Look in their eyes – Can you tell when they’ve reached the breaking point? Do you think you could talk them down?

Nominated for four Tony Awards and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, ‘night, Mother is a raw, emotional, quietly shattering play that explores the complex nature of family relationships, our inner demons, and what makes life truly worth living.

The play tells the story of Jessie, a despondent woman who reaches out to bid farewell to her mother – and the frantic and touching efforts of her mother, Thelma, to stop her. 


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