Wouldn’t you like to feel better? Stronger? More flexible? Like all the time? Maybe it’s being able to pick up your bike and carry it up a flight of stairs or pick up a grandchild without throwing out your back. In either case if we can get the right muscles to do their “right” job we can make those tasks easy and risk free. I can teach you how to feel better in your body and maybe even undo some of those ache and pains that have been bothering you for years. When we get you moving better, in a way that supports and stabilizes your bones and joints correctly, you will be able to move with greater freedom, stability and strength. You will have better balance and motor control that will make your day-to-day activities easier and more fun!

I have moved Centerspace Pilates Studio to 3208 Irving Ave So. Into my home based studio. I did this so that I can focus more on you and spend less time trying to run a business. My business is you. I still have all the cool state-of-the-art Pilates equipment and a few other things I like to throw into the mix if needed. My only goal is to help you feel better in your everyday life. We may undo years of stress, change poor habits, optimize balance, posture, spinal strength and flexibility along the way of we are lucky! I will teach you how to be a better breather.. I know how’d of thought about that? I will harp on you to religiously pay attention to your posture and I will encourage you like an angel sitting on your shoulder, to apply what you learn….the brilliant work of Joseph Pilates to everything you do. You may hear me say that this isn’t about attending and “exercise” session or class. I know it sounds weird that I’d say that right? It’s about learning how to improve the quality of everything your do and every move you make! Don’t worry, this becomes easy because through repetition, your body learns to hold certain correct patterns. Come let me share with you some of the millions of things I’ve learned by attending thousands (feels like millions) of hours of seminars, trainings and workshops over the past 35 years. I have learned a few things though overtime I have the opportunity to work with someone like you I learn something new.