At Centerspace Pilates we teach optimal movement that when integrated into your body will allow you to move with greater freedom and power. You will have more strength, balance and control making your day-to-day activities easier and more fun.

Centerspace Pilates is a beautiful urban studio located in the heart of Linden Hills and furnished with state-of-the-art Peak Pilates equipment. Founded by Nancy Anderson, a well-known Minneapolis fitness expert, Centerspace Pilates opened in 2003. Centerspace Pilates is one of a handful of studios in the world and the only studio in Minnesota licensed to offer classical teacher-training through The Pilates Center of Boulder.

Through the expertise and generosity of our instructors, we empower students to use their bodies as they are meant to work. Our guidance helps students undo years of stress and poor habits, optimize balance, posture, spinal strength and flexibility.

During each session, instructors use visualizations, demonstrations and precise cues to help students learn to control their muscles, breathing and motion to achieve dramatic physical and emotional results.