I happily and passionately have a small in home Pilates and personal coaching practice where I see “my people” in a private and personal setting and I also offer small group sessions.    I recently transitioned my Pilates Studio of 12 years to a smaller venue so that I can focus on some other things that I’m really curious about.    I have been a student of several things the past few years and I want to continue to explore them.  One is Bhakti Yoga.   My teacher is in SF so I “need” to travel thee as much as possible.   I know painful huh?  It also allows me to visit my two kids that currently reside there.  I’m also in training for NKT or Neuro-Kinetic training also conveniently in SF.   It’s one of the most remarkable methods of assisting people to alleviate or diminish pain in their bodies.   My interest in all of this good stuff started long ago.

I began my fitness “teaching” career before I knew it was going to be a “Career” back in 1980.   There was no fitness industry back then.  Just some broken down weight equipment in what closely resembled a garage but was called a gym.   Maybe a couple of “Health Clubs” but that was about it.    Even as a kid I wasn’t so interested in getting an education as I was in MOVING!    I had a hard time concentrating on anything and everything.   Dance and in particular “aerobic” dance seemed to be a legitimate way to pay the rent and so I opened my first of what would be many businesses in 1983 called the Sweatshop.  It was a really amazing time….in fact I still have people coming up to me that remember it as one of the best times in their lives!  Of course it was!   We were young, beautiful and were just beginning to build our dream lives.   Did I mention that we were for the most part unencumbered?   Meaning we had no kids or excess baggage yet.  Hahaha!    The Sweatshop Workout Studio was in the height of the “craze” of aerobic dance.  And it was a blast!    I had an opportunity to be involved in the beginnings stages of what would become “the fitness industry” working closely with ACE and IDEA.    I was also invited to be a part of the REEBOK STEP aerobics team and traveled the world as that program was launched in the 90’s.  When my two kids Cody and Claire entered my life I downsized to stay closer to home, running my coaching and training business out of my home studio and had the great honor and pleasure of coaching, energizing and inspiring thousands people. Helping them to elevate their lives by moving more and making healthier choices in their daily lives.   So the bottom line is,  if you live long enough and you are paying attention, you will have stuff to share cuz you will have learned somethings!   I’m very lucky to have been paying attention and I have stuff to share.

My vision is to inspire humans to live a higher quality of life by doing smarter movement or exercise. Part of longevity and healthful aging is about defying gravity for as long as we can which requires balance of our muscles and upright strong posture.  It also is great to have an active brain that connects well into the muscles which allows for stable and pain-free movement.  Did you know there are exercises for that?   (I can help with that too).  It also means we need to have a strong interior systems that holds all of our necessary internal organs in the right place…… yep I’m talking bladder!   Hold that sneeze!   I’m known as the Pelvic Floor Queen!  And proud of it!

I’m available to share my “expertise”.    If you are interested in having me speak at an event or even a small group gathering please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss all the questions no one is talking about.   Yep those questions!   I have solutions for those too!